Welkom bij De Wrekers pagina's van
The Avengers Association!

Er komt nog veel meer materiaal, maar dit is het begin.

Dear non-Dutch visitor,
I'm sorry this site so far is in Dutch. Because there're already many English sites, I thought it would be nice to produce first a Dutch version.
In due course, though, this site will be translated, since it contains new, original material.
Especially my story of our visit of the Elstree Studios will be translated first, because it is a first hand story of the period just after Diana Rigg left the series.
So check it out every once a while.
For now even you can enjoy the picture gallery with photographs The Avengers Association gracefully got when we visited the Associated British Pathe office at Deanstreet, London in 1968.


De tweede Nederlandse Wrekerssite! Heel veel unieke Screenshots

Een voorbeeld voor hoe het zou moeten!
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